Who are we?

Restbetse is dedicated to providing advanced and reliable automotive diagnostic solutions, aiming to offer efficient and accurate vehicle fault diagnosis services for car owners, auto repair shops, and automotive enthusiasts. Our team is composed of automotive technology experts, engineers, and professionals passionate about the automotive industry, working together to deliver outstanding products and services to you.


Company Addres:228 PARK AVE S #79525 NEW YORK,NEW YORK 10003-1502,USA

Company phone number:323-908-8554

We promise

**Our Products**

The Scanner Full OBDII Functions 10 Modes Automotive Engine Fault Code Reader is one of our flagship products that we take pride in. This scanning tool not only supports the OBDII standard but also boasts comprehensive functionality with 10 modes, suitable for all cars manufactured in 1996 and later. Its robust performance and user-friendly design enable you to diagnose vehicle issues quickly and accurately, saving both time and money.

**Our Mission**

Restbetse’s mission is to provide customers with high-quality automotive diagnostic tools, helping them better understand and maintain their vehicles. We deeply understand the importance of cars in daily life, and therefore, we strive to offer reliable products to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted driving experience for you.

**Why Choose Restbetse?**

– **Outstanding Quality**: Our products undergo rigorous quality control to ensure excellent and reliable performance.

– **Wide Compatibility**: Our scanning tools are suitable for all cars manufactured after 1996, covering mainstream brands and models.

– **User-Friendly Design**: We prioritize the ease of use of our products, ensuring that users can diagnose vehicle faults effortlessly and quickly.

– **Professional Team**: Our team consists of professionals with expertise in the automotive field, possessing rich experience and technical knowledge.

Restbetse aims to make your driving experience more secure and convenient because we care about every moment of your driving experience. Thank you for choosing Restbetse; let’s move forward together towards a brighter automotive future!

Restbetse is dedicated to making your driving experience more secure and convenient. We prioritize your safety and convenience in every aspect of your journey. Thank you for choosing Restbetse, as we embark together towards a brighter future for the world of automobiles. Your trust in us drives our commitment to excellence, ensuring that each drive is a seamless and enjoyable experience. Join us on this journey, and let Restbetse be your companion on the road to a more promising and delightful automotive future!